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Although they are not yet universally accepted by clinicians, there is growing concern over the potential harms of the loud, high-pitched noise used for vocation ceremonies. Although it may well have been around since the early 19th century, it only recently was recognised as an effective means of communication in the public sphere.

The most notable recent case was the death of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, in 1981. The Archbishop was found dead in his house after taking a blow to the head with an umbrella.

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What happens when you die?

In most countries, people can be buried within 24 hours of their death.

In England, death certificates must clearly indicate what organ or organ-systems had been used in the person’s death, in what state they were in and what time the person was buried. They must also indicate whether they are cremated or interred.

In Northern Ireland, the Coroner must be the only person with relevant knowledge of a person’s death to make the final finding about the death:

If a person who is in charge of a cemetery in Northern Ireland has been unable to contact a coroner in their county, then the person can arrange for a coroner to be appointed. This will be undertaken by the coroner who is not from any part of the country of which the person is a resident. This will be a non-executive position, such as a magistrate, and will be appointed for 7 years.

In England, on death certificates, death is declared to be natural. For this reason, where a body is removed from a cemetary and buried under its own roof, the circumstances must be given, for example, death as caused by natural causes. If the cemetery has a cemetary policy, this will also be recorded in the death certificate.

How to be cremated?

In Northern Ireland, the coroner is the only person with relevant knowledge of the arrangements for cremation and burial. He or she will use a register to ensure that the deceased is cremated within the minimum time allowed.

In England, cremating the body is not standard procedure. The legal position is that the body must be cremated. Although it is legal to give a statement to the funeral director and the deceased’s family, a coroner is the only person who makes this decision. The coroner can allow caskets, or even be given the decision to allow a full funeral service, to take place. However, in Northern Ireland

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