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We have seen how the brain can get a handle on the situation and recognize the presence—and location—of a specific kind of phone (that of another person). We now know that phones can recognize other objects that are not specifically intended as a communication device, such as the body, or the environment.

In the second study, we asked whether, even if phones can detect and sense our thoughts, they are incapable of understanding them. The results were inconclusive. The scientists said that the sensors could, however, read the contents of thoughts, and they may be able to perceive emotional states.

As for the researchers’ predictions, the authors wrote,

Our next research will examine whether you can use these technologies to influence the way others experience their environment. Perhaps, you can influence their perception, or even control their brain functions. This is the focus of our three-part research: testing brain-computer interfaces, designing a brain-computer interface and integrating these technologies.

The authors concluded,

We have begun a new era in science, because our work has shown that our thoughts have some impact on our environment, and that our thoughts can be sent directly to a computer to be used to manipulate the world around us. Our research has enabled scientists to manipulate other people’s perception by using the technologies of today, such as virtual reality and brain-computer interfaces. As long as our technology is sophisticated enough, we will find ways to affect the behavior of others.

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