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What is their meaning and purpose? In this short video:

First, it is necessary to make a distinction between illusions and illusions of perception. People use “impressions” or “appearances” to talk about what actually occurs to them and why (in the latter case the illusion or illusion is what’s being described). The difference between them lies not in the fact that a sensation is actually real but in the process of perception itself. The process of perception is the same for both. This is why it sometimes takes a long time to see an illusion clearly (some people think that’s why it is difficult to describe them effectively). People make mistakes along the way of perceiving and explaining things according to their experience and experience is often incorrect.

An illusion is not an experience; an experience is not an illusion; they are two different things.

Now, one can observe illusions all the time, they are common in nature. But the most famous illusions are those of perception. Since their appearance is so obvious, and they are so easy to see, people often confuse them with everyday situations. These simple illusions are used to explain everything from how we have developed language to what the atmosphere looks like in the night.

I like these “visual” illusions because it really shows how far we have come since we were humans and could perceive. The idea that we are just getting to experience is a misconception and a myth. The reality we are talking about is more complicated and is a product of our evolutionary history and the very structure of the brain and nervous system.

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I am writing here today about a new development in the war between the media and the American public. It is well known, in my opinion, that a significant part of the American public, especially young people, have been completely oblivious to reality and have simply been buying into the lies so as to support the war-mongering policies of the establishment powers that wish us to be totally pacified and distracted from our real problems that are far more fundamental and far more dangerous. In fact, a great many of us who are deeply concerned have been so incensed by the lies and deception about Iraq that we have had to seek cover of the so-called MSM.
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We, who really believe in truth, know it is not a coincidence that the war against Iraq began when the media started to report it as though it were not a real war by pretending that this was a “slam-

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