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Are we going to do any tricks? Where do we go?” He tried not to look scared and anxious, or any more than usual. She nodded. “I’m sure we won’t get much use from the other room, so we’ll just take a nap here for a while.”

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She had started to get up, and turned around, only to be told they weren’t allowed to do that, which just made her more curious, so she followed him towards another room. “This is where the food is kept, but that’ll be fine. The other rooms are a bit messy so I think we can work from that one. Don’t be worry-ish about any food. We’ll make sure it’s as healthy as it will be. I can’t guarantee you’ll like the food. Do your best though? I’ll make sure that everyone finds the food they like. And for all you curious souls, there’s an empty seat here.”

He walked to the open door and opened it with a little tap. A tall blonde girl, in her early teens, stood there with her hands clasped in front of her, her head in her hands. She had on black boots with white soles, and a red dress on top.

She looked up at Hans, who nodded at her. She smiled, and looked at him in that sweet way of hers that was so easy to forget so easily. “Hello Hans.” She said.

“I hope you don’t mind. I’ve got to go, but it’s late, and you’ll be a bit tired.” Hans explained.

“Oh, I’m very sorry, you’re free to come, but I’d really like to sit.” She said.

“Oh come on, it’s like you’re here by permission.” He retorted. Before either of them could say anything for which they didn’t deserve, the tall girl stepped over the threshold, and the door opened, revealing what looked like a normal room, at least to the naked eye, except for one small feature, one that was in contrast to those of the other rooms. The hall was completely white, without any other color to break the calm atmosphere. This made the room seem much more alive, and much more dangerous. It even made it easier for Hans to walk through it. For a single moment, his thoughts were filled with the thought of a large and powerful creature that was lurking in this place, but eventually, that thought went from his mind

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