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I always felt like I could work magic in my own way without knowing how other people put it into practice. So I decided to take it a step further and teach people who want to learn the science behind it. But not just anyone can do magic. Magic is about knowing your subject – not just knowing which tricks work, but knowing the science behind how to execute them…and how best to do it.

You’ve previously worked with professional magicians

What would you say to people who want to get into magic?

It has to be your own taste, your own taste…if you think you are good enough, then you are. But if you see a magician on a national level, you should think of yourself as someone who could do that job.

Are you into social media? I love reading and Instagram pics 😀

Yes! I think the magic community is a great mix of artists, experts, professionals, students and amateur. I love following the magic community in my own area of interest, but I also enjoy reading about the magic of others. My favourite thing to read about is what others have managed to achieve, so I try to find as many examples as I can. I don’t actually pay attention to the social feeds, I just look and try to follow what I find interesting.

I’ve learnt that if you want to become a professional magician, it helps if you can follow the steps that are put out by other people who do it. It’s great you took the time to answer my questions, I couldn’t imagine a better opportunity to speak with an expert in your area.

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