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You can float with pencils, provided you have pencils with a very soft tip and a thin or medium weight. There are a few good options for pencils with thick tips and a thin or medium weight. I have tried the pencils from Sharpie and the pencils from Dyers. Both of these pencils have a very soft grip and are ideal for levitating with pencils. Here is a picture of me holding a Sharpie pencil that had a very thin fine tip, so it was perfect for levitation.

Can I levitate with my iPhone?

Yes, very safely, and very well, actually. The problem is that your phone is so big that the pencil tip is going to be in contact with the screen every time you levitate with it. The point is that it can’t be removed without cutting the screen. In my case this had occurred twice, once with a Sharpie Sharpie pencil which I held over my left eye as I levitated, a second time when I levitated the battery in my phone, since the cell phone does not allow you to remove any part of the battery without cutting the phone.

You can safely levitate your iPhone with a pencil or a paintbrush. You should try this a few times using both pencils to see how your levitation affects the experience. Once you see how your levitation effect on the screen is different with that for the Sharpie, then you can decide if it’s necessary to use the Sharpie too. I use the Sharpie most of the time and always use it when levitating, unless my phone is damaged or just not working.

Are there other applications that are similar to levitation for pencils?

My friends have been using it for levitating books, pens and markers since I started using pencil levitation. I have also included a link to the paper levitation website. My advice is to check with the vendor to make sure that the pencils are actually strong enough for the job. I am not affiliated with the website at all and do not endorse anyone using this type of paper levitation technique on their paper. I am just sharing my experience so that you can make your own decisions.

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The article is an excerpt of “Paper Levitation and the Levitation Technique” by Joseph Gennari, the author of “Paper Magenta” and “Paper Magenta Pro”. Joseph is the author of this book, the first

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