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Aerobic Training

Exercise is something we all do, from dancing to running, it all makes us work and do something. With that in mind, if it helps, I will say this with all respect to all of you that are following the workout program, that I recommend a high volume of aerobic training, even if you are not getting results. I am not saying, however, that every day or even every other day is going to be as easy as it seems, I am just stating that if it is too easy in that day, there is something wrong. This is the same sort of rule I have for a normal person when they want something, I will tell them that it will probably be easy in the day ahead when they get to work on it.

The reason I do not recommend aerobic training is because it is the reason many of the exercises that seem so great and make the muscles seem as if they are glowing with light are not performing. I am not going to say that they are not working (I think they are), but it all comes down to this: how we use the energy from that energy you get from the aerobic workouts is not going to be as beneficial as we might hope.

The best aerobic workouts are in the gym, they don’t need to be on your phone to be helpful. I know that this may seem contradictory but remember this is about me, and I am in the business of telling you that you are wrong. So please learn the difference between aerobic conditioning and just doing something or working out during the normal course of your day. You may think if this is important, you should be doing it, but if this is an issue with your body, you may want to just ignore me and do something else than it will make little difference in your improvement.

If you do not want to go to the gym to workout, why not take a walk in the forest?

Anaerobic Training and the Resistance Training

In our program that you were all working on, we were training each side one time in the day for the amount of reps that I was telling you to work for. But the one thing that all of you did not have in your program was resistance training. And that is no longer a problem, because there is now a resistance-training program that you have in your program. What is resistance training? Let me say that again: resistance training is training in which the resistance is resistance-less, you will not add heavy weights

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