How does close up magic work? – Magic Tricks For Kids That You Can Do

Close up magic is a skill which requires a caster to place his eyes on a specific area of a surface, and then move his hand up and down, like a pendulum. This is accomplished with an artform known as Close up/Vacuum magic.

You don’t need to be a real wizard to perform close up magic. To learn close up magic yourself, watch the below video from Master Magician (M.A.T.) Steve Brown:

When you cast, your eyes stay on a specified point on the surface your hands just touch. This point becomes your “target,” the area of the surface the magic is to be cast in. You hold your open hands on the surface, and close them together behind your back. You then move your hands to the center of the target on the surface, and open your hands at the right angle to where the target would normally be.

Close up magic in action:

Vacuum magic is an art form involving “vacuuming” your hands to a specific point on the surface where a specific object is located, and then moving your hand towards the target. You vacuum your hands from one area of the surface to another, which requires a wide array of tricks and techniques that range from “vacuuming” small objects to “vacuuming” whole buildings.

When you perform, your eyes stay on your target and you hold the vacuum around your hands together behind your back. Your hands start moving inwards, and then you open your hands at the right angle and slowly move them around the surface of the vacuum. Make sure you don’t fall off the vacuum, because if it goes off the glass you might not be able to move your hands.

Vacuuming in action:
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When you cast, your eyes stay on your target and you grip the vacuum, which in turn holds onto your hands as you move them inwards. The goal is to have each hand move in the desired direction, and in the same direction. If at any time you get in the way, the vacuum will return to where it was when you closed off the hands. You only need to remember to vacuum your hands, and don’t close your hands. It’s up to you to be able to hold your hands on the glass until you are sure your hands are moving in the correct direction!

Vacuuming in action:

How do you learn close up magic?

To practice

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