How does levitation magic trick work? – Real Magic Tricks For Beginners

Levitation Magic

To perform levitation magic a magician creates a bubble of air inside himself, like creating a balloon. He then blows out all the bubbles with his mouth to create a bubble up around himself while leaving the rest of him outside.

The magicians then takes his magic bottle and puts it in front of him or in his pocket and puts the magic balloon under his back leg where it will float away (in this manner his leg does not need to be attached to the magic jar). Levitating objects can be placed inside the magic jar but only up to about 6 inches up away from the magician.

Magic water bubble

He uses the same technique while floating on the water to pull the water out of his hand (which the bubble of air has created.)

When the “water” is pulled out slowly and without damaging his leg, he will get on the other side of the bubble with no injury. When he is pulled down from his floating, he lands with a painful, red, liquid on his back leg.

In addition, one may be able to levitate a large amount of weight, however levitation cannot fly with water or air.

Other Magic

Another way for levitation to work is by using mirrors

When the magician uses a mirror the mirror acts only as a mirror and does not interfere with the levitation.

But if the magician has several mirrors around him, all of them will affect him as if he is floating on them (all mirrors except one of them will be at least six feet away from him.)

This can be done in a matter of a few days.

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