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It has nothing to do with gravity. Levitation happens due to our body moving through a void at a velocity relative to other objects (and the gravity we experience). This is due to the fact that our bodies move through the void at an average speed of about 3.3 miles per second and that we are standing on a flat surface. Since the body’s mass is distributed evenly throughout the body, we are unable to experience any acceleration (we would experience more than we have). Our movement of our feet through the void causes the center of mass of our bodies to slowly move about the surface of the wall while the rest of the body remains still. (The force of gravity, of course, works in a similar way.)

A common misconception is that the movement of the body causes force. This is not true. The body of a person levitated normally has the same density (density density = area/volume squared) as the surrounding air, hence the acceleration is the same. The force that is exerted by this body is in fact the result of the body’s weight moving through the air and its inertia. It only takes one extra unit of weight in the area (volume) to make the body start exerting a force. For a 100 lbs person the force is about 15 lbs. When one begins moving at 1 mph, there is enough acceleration due to inertia to make a person start rotating about the center of the body (and that is exactly what is happening to the first person levitated). There is only one additional unit of weight to lift the person up.

If we assume a uniform air pressure over the area (volume) of the room, the result will be the same as levitating a person and they will each have a constant force. If you levitate someone, they will have a greater acceleration due to inertia. If you take someone off the ground, the acceleration will be higher. Since the air pressure is constant over the area of the room, there always seems to be more air between those on the ground and those on the ceiling than it should be.

In actuality, air pressure is constant throughout the entire room. Although this may seem reasonable in the context of a levitation chamber, the air pressure over an ordinary room varies. The difference is caused by the speed of moving objects, which varies with the speed of the objects over the distance they move. The difference can be quite large. A person taking off from a stationary spot on the ground moves at 0.0006 mph, while one going

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