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If he thinks that, he must truly have read many books.

“Do you read a lot of literature?” Qin Yu asked lightly. In the entire Dragon Clan, there were only five individuals here who really respected this place. That is the current emperor, Emperor Yu of the Divine Territory.
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Emperor Yu’s face suddenly turned pale.

The Emperor Yu was an extremely powerful person. Although he was a divine level expert, because he was powerful in the Divine Domain, he was actually able to easily kill Qin Yu a few times.

For an expert at the Divine Realm, the strength of someone in the Nascent Soul Realm would be very much different to that of someone at the Divine Realm.

“I wish to visit the Black Dragon Pool.” Said Emperor Yu with a serious expression.

“This place is the Black Dragon Pool.” Qin Yu explained.

“Black Dragon Pool?”

Even Emperor Yu and the other six Dragon Lords were shocked.

In this period, every single time, a group of people started to appear to battle with Qin Yu and the others. During the time when the people would gather here, none of them were considered as good people by this place. No one even dared to go near.

The Black Dragon Pool was a place where people of the Divine Realm used to come to train and fight.

In the Divine Realm, one could enter the divine domain and practice the level of Divine Realm Star Level Godly Domain as well as the level of Divine Realm Star Emperor. All of this was all within the Black Dragon Pool. Although a lot of experts of the Divine Realm and the Divine Realm Star Realm would come here to train, none of them dared to fight with the others.

All the experts in the Black Dragon Pool felt very respectful towards Emperor Yu because he was the most authoritative Emperor in the Divine Realm. However, the Emperor Yu had never entered the Black Dragon Pool and did not know who the Black Dragon Pool was. However, after seeing that Qin Yu and the rest were here, the Emperor Yu had a slight feeling of admiration towards them.

“In terms of strength, the Black Dragon Pool might be a bit lower than the Divine Domain. However, they are not inferior to the Divine Domain Star Emperor, who is known as being extremely powerful.” Said Emperor Yu.

In the Black Dragon Pool, the amount of people that could be killed by the other experts here were very small.

Even though the

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