Who is the bald kid in The Matrix? – Simple And Easy Magic Tricks For Beginners

And how does he play an actual human?!

We’ll make our answers available on July 14th as we begin the production of a feature documentary about David Bowie, The Long New Tomorrow (working title). We want it to be as much fun and informative as the amazing new soundtrack to the new film.
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The film is a love letter to a man who was the greatest musician of his generation, and we thought it would be a great fit to bring his music through a psychedelic lens to our fans. So we are giving a whole new level of psychedelic to it, exploring some of Bowie’s most popular songs without the rock n’ roll trappings or the usual rock star-y trappings.

This Kickstarter campaign is asking for an estimated $75,000 to complete, direct, and shoot the film. This funding goal will cover all costs of production and distribution. Additionally, all money raised from this campaign will be going directly into keeping “The Long New Tomorrow” on the road.

Our team and film are very excited to be able to bring Bowie’s story through the lens of The Long New Tomorrow, and to show his love and devotion to artists he loves so much. We are excited to be a part of bringing the legacy of Ziggy Stardust to the world after being able to watch it a second time on YouTube by his fans, as they have enjoyed for so long.

The Long New Tomorrow Trailer

Our Kickstarter Rewards

“The Long New Tomorrow” Kickstarter page offers the “Long New Tomorrow” package consisting of a T-shirt with “The Long New Tomorrow” written on it; a T-shirt with “The Long New Tomorrow” written on it (with the option of a different color); a digital download of “The Long New Tomorrow” soundtrack; a DVD/Blu-Ray of The Long New Tomorrow; and a DVD/Blu-Ray of David Bowie, The Long New Tomorrow.

Rewards are determined by the amount of their pledges, which are based on the total $75,000 pledged and will be listed on the final Kickstarter page after the campaign is over. You know which ones we’re talking about!

Special Thanks:

To all of our amazing backers who have helped us get to this point, and have even more to ask about Ziggy, please take a moment to share all of your comments and questions on the Kickstarter page. Our film team was able to pull together the best team of filmmakers we know and they have put together something

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