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If you want to draw with inspiration, then learn from artists like myself to create your own unique style. These tips on how to draw are a must for any artist, and will save you time and effort in the future.

In this example, I created the style for my drawing in Adobe Illustrator. After you create an Illustrator file, click on “Edit” in the upper left hand corner and then “Draw.” This will be the main panel where you can modify the brush styles, size, and more.

Let’s see how I drew this character:

Now let’s see what I drew with it!

Step 1

I decided that I would start with a bold style. So I drew a line from the middle of the character to the front left edge of his eyes, leaving his eyes unshaded. This is what I used to create my drawing:

Step 2

Next, I added some highlights in the character. This is what I used to draw the lines below the eyes:

Step 3

Next I used a white pen to create some shadows below the eyes. In order to do this, I first opened the palette and drew three white dots at the locations where I wanted a deep shadow. I also drew some lines along that outline, which were used as shadows to accent the light in the character’s eyes.

Step 4

After the shading was done, I added a dark shadow around the ear. These are the colors I used to create the lines below the face. Here are the settings I used to do that:

So now I know I can use these colors to create my own light and shadow style. I only need to decide which colors to choose in order to make my design come to life.

Now you can start getting creative and start creating designs in any program that you want.

I hope you learnt something and improved your skills on this simple tip. Feel free to share your skills and experiences below!

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