Why are pencils yellow? – Pencil Drawing For Beginners Nature

What is the difference between a pencil’s sharp and dull points? Why is a paper clip the only thing in the world that can be attached to a pencil? Is there an ancient Roman tablet that’s actually made of paper? Why was the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ play changed to ‘Trouble with the Curve’ a hundred years after its first performance. Why does the word ‘Ikea’ appear in the word ‘Inevitable’? What’s the deal with the ‘Ikea’ acronym? Why are the ‘Ikea’ brands always white? Why are Swedish and British names so similar (IKEA and KIVA, respectively)? Why is it called ‘Sushi’ in the UK but called ‘Takoyaki’ in the US? Why does ‘Sven-Willem’ mean ‘Egg Salad’? Why does an Italian word end in an umlaut? Why does ‘Ikea’, a Swedish name and the name of a Danish company, have the same pronunciation? Why does the word ‘Coco Puff’ have the same pronunciation as ‘Cajun?’ Why is the ‘Cobra’ name similar to the ‘Tulpa’? What is the difference between red and green tea? Why is a person called an ‘assman’ in Britain but an ‘ass’ in America? Was the Great Depression in Ireland caused by the ‘Tunnel of Love’? Why can’t you drink a glass of water only to find out it’s still full of ice? Why can you see the end result of a pencil drawing (e.g. a dot in the paper) but not the person drawing the pencil (or in this case, the ‘pencil’ itself)? Why does chocolate melt at room temperature? Who are the first people to have a brain implant named ‘Hexatron’? Are there dinosaurs on Venus? What does a ‘Hexatron’ sound like? Why does milk cause a person to bleed? Why did the Royal Wedding change? Why was the Beatles’ original hit ‘She Loves You’? What is the difference between the ‘XS’ shape and an ‘X?’ Why was The Beatles’ song ‘I Want to Break Free’ written by Paul McCartney, not George Harrison? Why was the first ‘Cup’ not sold until 1964? Which word comes from the Latin ‘cuneg’, meaning ‘to drink tea’ and ‘cere’ meaning water? What is the difference between ‘cir

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