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Saving Grace was created after we saw a lot of people in my church struggling with drugs and addiction. I started noticing that a lot of these men and women were not living the kind of life that they had dreamed about growing up. Instead of being the model Christians of my youth, they were living in drug dens, running dope rings or dealing themselves.

These people didn’t just have a heart-wrecking addiction, but they were not giving up. Often times, they were living their lives, knowing they were on the verge of losing everything.

This movie depicts the incredible lengths that people go to in order to survive the challenges of living with addiction and drugs. I wanted to depict this in a movie that could be shared with the whole world — not just those in the church.

I wanted to make a movie that showed my father and I together growing up, and our struggles with drugs and addiction. My father is the most honest human being I know, and I have always felt that was the type of person I wanted to be like.

So when my wife had the chance to be in the movies, she knew that I had to do this project. We began thinking about the fact that saving grace could be our vehicle to share this film with the people that I had been able to see myself only once.

I also wanted to focus on some of the individuals in our lives, so I put together a strong movie cast. There are some really amazing people in our lives that have been there through some of the tough times we have had.

In a very candid and real way, we told these stories of people’s trials, struggles, successes, and heartaches through their eyes.

This film really brings many truths that people will not ever see themselves. To get people to see that is really a big accomplishment.

A senior Israeli cabinet minister has called on the U.S. to halt financial aid for groups it deems subversive. The move follows a new law on foreign NGO activities that passed Israeli officials’ approval in March.

The Foreign NGO Management Law, passed by the Knesset’s Israel Affairs and International Cooperation Committee on March 18, prohibits U.S. companies from giving money to groups deemed “undermining Israel,” according to Haaretz.

The law imposes harsh penalties if deemed too close to Hamas or the Palestinian Authority (PA), as well as any group that funds Palestinian militant groups. It also imposes stiff fines on

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