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Most of the saffron bulbs on the market for consumers contain a little of a saffron extract called “alkahesti.” Alkahesti can be a dangerous product, containing toxic substances like tetrahydrofuran, a substance that is carcinogenic, and can also be a powerful catalyst in fires or as an explosive, depending on the plant it originates from. “The most common way of using it is as an aroma or fragrance,” explains Lora Zagaris, a Certified Biosafety Engineer at Texas Instruments (who also works for Procter & Gamble with a special interest in chemistry for the pet care industry). “There is no risk to human health though, so it is usually used for fragrance or as a scent.” It is important to be aware that if you use saffron as a fragrance or as a scent you are not only adding fragranced saffron flowers onto your garden or for yourself; you are essentially removing the delicate sap of the plant and adding to your plant waste. You are destroying many important ingredients, which can have a lasting impact on your plant. When saffron is saffron, it’s “very easy to lose,” says Zagaris. If your flowerbed is well tended and your saffron has not been used, a sudden drop in the amount of the flowerbed’s sap may cause the blooms to prematurely drop or fail to germinate. “It’s also possible that the sap that was put in has just been destroyed,” says Zagaris. “I would like to add that it’s still possible for them to develop resistance, but the longer a saffron grows the easier it becomes to maintain an insect or fire resistant seed.” If your saffron is not used to fragrance the plant, you should keep it in its natural condition as in all flower bulbs, where it is at its peak bloom and in the middle of its life cycle. It is also the perfect size for use as a garden garnishing as seen above. If you’re not aware that your saffron is being thrown away but still are worried that you have gone over the “greening” rule, you can take steps to prevent the damage. If you have flowers that have started to droop and stop growing, there is a quick and easy fix: If you have a spray bottle of a diluted de-waxed organic fertilizer (I used Green Power Organic Moisture-Based Organic Fertilizer) and you know

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