How do you spray paint a compressor? – Easy Spray Paint Art Nature Backgrounds For Desktop

It’s a great idea to have an extra tool you can use. You can try using a paint brush, or a roller, but what you really want to do is spray paint a spraycan. Just follow these instructions so you can get a nice even coat all the way around to the seams and around the inside of the door.

Step One

There are 3 options for spray paint:

Paint by hand—Use a paint brush when spraying, which is easier and easier.

Spray with a roller—If you have the spray can, or if you want to use spray paint instead of paint, you can spray using a roller. Spray paint is very good at staying the same color. I like this picture from

Step 2

Once you have the spray paint on your can, use the roller to spray from inside to outside. The process is the same whether you spray from inside or outside.

Step 3

I found the easiest way is to spray all the way around—inside and out. I do this with a very little amount of paint on a paint roller. Using spray cans can be tricky as you’ll have to take care of things like wiping the roller down, running around with the can, and other things that can be quite messy. However, with a roller, that’s all completely handled by just the pressure.

Step 4

Take a very thin layer on each side of your door frame and carefully smooth it down. When you’re done and have the door closed, let the door sit for a few hours to harden up. The door should feel hard and like it must be tough to move inside. It should be fairly difficult to push your way open. It’s ok if the door looks a little tough or sticky inside like the picture shown above.

Step 5

Now, you can start to paint the sides and top of our door. Don’t worry, it’s totally ok to get messy on the other side. You just want to paint those areas in a consistent layer to cover them.

Step 6

For a finished look, spray paint any color that would look good as the door color outside. You don’t have to spray paint everything—just paint some areas that need the color.

Step 7

When you’re done, let

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