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We have reviewed Krylon spray paint for many years and will continue doing so. The only difference we have noticed is the price. It is better value than it’s competition due to its superior longevity, ease of application, and cost per coat. Krylon spray paint is easy to apply through the air (if you have a brush for that) and is easily cleaned with Krylon’s new microfiber wipes made from a biodegradable material. And it even comes with one of the easiest and most effective cleaning procedures to deal with any type of contamination. Krylon spray paint can be used for all paint and cleaning applications.

What About Water?

Before you buy Krylon spray paint consider if it can be used in your aquarium, if it will be easily diluted with water, if it is safe to place on the top of aquarium or if it will be affected by the temperature in the aquarium. For information on Krylon’s water treatment policies and water requirements read the “Additional Information” section below.

Can Krylon spray paint be used outside in freezing temperatures?

Yes, Krylon spray paint can be used in both cool and warm climates. Krylon spray paint is very water-resistant so even if you place it on the top, if it has been exposed to extreme cold, it still will be safe to place it on the top of aquarium. If a Krylon spray paint cannot be used in a cold environment, it is not recommended because there is a possibility that your aquarium will freeze to the point of not being habitable. To help prevent that from happening, check out this article which gives some tips on how to safely place a Krylon spray paint as a replacement in a cold environment.

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Do Krylon spray paint and water treatants need to come into contact with each other?

Yes, the water treatants do interact with the Krylon spray paint and if one doesn’t mix up the water or the two don’t mix up very well the Krylon spray paint will not work as well as it may be advertised.

Do Krylon spray paint and bleach work together?

Yes, for those that want extreme cleaning. We do not recommend the use of bleach and Krylon spray paint because the presence of bleach reduces surface tension in both Krylon spray paint and the water treated aquarium making the Krylon spray paint more easily diluted, therefore killing beneficial bacteria and other organisms. Also, the use of Krylon airbrush water treated aquariums can lead to bacteria, algae or

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