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The answer is that you do not double your money, you double your risk. But before you panic and take your money out of your wallet, don’t panic and don’t lose your chance to win this unique game. How do you double it? By selecting a card that you think is most likely to go the next position in the card pool.

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Once you have selected a card for the next position, the cards have a 75% chance of going the position indicated by the card you selected. So you play the next, highest card, that the deck can hold. Keep in mind that a card with three or more cards from the card pool is considered a card with a strong chance.

You can use one card to select one position or several to select hundreds of positions. The important thing is that you select a good card, so that you can double your money.

Your best chance is to play several times, but not to bet more than 20 times a hand.

How do I get involved in Roulette?

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