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You can:

The odds for this game can range from 3 to 99, while the prize will have an expected value of $0.99. This chance is based on the numbers shown in the game.

If you are lucky, the odds will increase to 99.7. This is because the chances of winning are higher if you bet more than the first $0.1. If you are unlucky, the odds will decrease by only $0.0625!

You can also go online and check a lot of other online games!

This is great. I had no idea how quickly they would sell out. Thanks!

Great! I got it as a free gift and it was my first time receiving something from you guys. The colors look really sharp and the material feels really nice. It is a tad heavy, definitely could have used some slimmer straps or some extra foam to cushion the feel better (or a smaller width). I would have sent it back had I not had it already so it’s definitely worth the buy, as long as you have a large stash! You guys are AWESOME!

In a new interview, David Bowie has revealed that he actually has no love lost for late film star David Niven, despite the fact that the latter recently died on Christmas Eve, aged 70.

“This was the biggest of the biggest,” Bowie said. “When I read something about ‘David Niven’ I felt some kind of shame.”

David Bowie at the London Critics’ Week (Getty Images)

The singer, who has written in the past of the need for his music to be taken seriously, added that he has no regrets over his life, adding “I don’t really care how much fame I have because it doesn’t matter to me.”

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But in fact, Bowie’s opinion may well have changed by now. He recently had a message for the late actor, adding: “There are so many things I would have changed. But I’m still a bit of an outsider in my generation as well. I have no real friends. I would really like more people to realise that.”

The legendary musician also spoke candidly about his new album Blackstar, describing it as “a celebration of everything I love. For me that has to be a bit scary. I know that there has to be a kind of sense of wonder and

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