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Learn to sketch: The very simplest way to learn to draw is to sketch with a pencil. Just sketch something, pick a point you want to draw on it, and sketch. Don’t worry about lines or shapes; all you want to be able to draw is an outline. For most people, this doesn’t take that long. If you can do this for an hour, your drawing will improve. You can even do this in a day if you’re good at it. The important thing is to have a firm foundation of what you want to draw.

Make sure you are drawing as faithfully as possible and get as many colors right as you can. Draw a large brush in the foreground or at least in the center in order to cover as many pixels as possible before you leave out the background. Be careful not to overexpose, otherwise you might blow out the colors.

When in doubt, try using white pencil. Black pencil is okay if your drawing isn’t perfectly white or the background isn’t as bright as you like. When it comes to the white line, remember all lines except the white line are for white. You can use either white or black pencil, white or black line, or anything in between. The trick with the white line is to get it over as many areas as possible in order to make it visible in every pixel.
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Don’t worry about being a perfectionist. Don’t draw things that you don’t want to draw. Just get your brush strokes right and your line colors right before you forget to leave out a little corner of a black line.

If you’re using colors that aren’t the right color for you, you can draw with white or a dark color. There is a difference between a yellow line and a black line. You want to be able to see the difference.

To see a good example of this (the red line is black and the blue one is red), look at the image below. Click on it to see it enlarged. The black line (blue) is really red. On the white line the blue line (red) is black. When you see the difference, you know you need a darker red line. The other thing to remember is: When you’re doing a rough sketch, don’t erase the lines. On the right hand side, just draw two lines that are the same color.

You can do this using a pen or a paintbrush.

After you’ve got that done, try using a different

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