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Why, it’s a black cat with two black eyes. But why is he having a black cat for lunch, when he might just be a white cat?

Culture of the American Dream

Most of these stereotypes are rooted in Americans’ love of the American Dream. The white-white-Hispanic-American stereotype is one that’s been pushed by the media and the entertainment industry all along. In reality, however, it’s a little more complex than you might think.

America’s most iconic icon is the Statue of Liberty. A statue, after all, is just a building. It has nothing to do with what the people behind it are like or what they believe. In fact, at the time the statue was erected in New York in 1886 there were a large number of Chinese immigrants living on the same blocks as the statue, as well as Irish immigrants and a good chunk of French people, whose homes they shared with the new immigrants. If all the immigrants were Irish-American, it simply wouldn’t have been called a monument.

“Why is there an Irish Statue of Liberty?” a friend asked me recently. My response was to respond with a question of my own: Why does this symbol exist at all? I began the thought by asking myself if it was simply a marketing opportunity, a way for the people who bought the statue to think they owned some kind of piece of America. But after realizing that it had a much deeper meaning, I was suddenly faced with the question: Was the monument simply a symbol to help sell products to a group of people who were also trying to make the American dream a reality? And if it had a deeper meaning? Then what about the fact that many of these immigrants were fleeing from oppression in China? They were fleeing oppression. Did that make the Statue of Liberty a symbol? Or an icon?

But it really isn’t that simple. For starters, to claim that the Statue of Liberty had anything to do with anything American is sort of like claiming that the American Indian had a part in the invention of firearms in the US. In fact, the most significant innovation of Native Americans was the creation of wheelbarrows and fire tools. If the Americans had invented firearms using Native Americans, they certainly would have been better off using them on the European invaders. I mean, just consider how many gun laws come from our very own federal government: they came in the form of the N.R.A., the National Rifle Association, the Gun Control Act of 1968 and the

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