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What about a bird? When you see them, you must assume they’re related.

What are the differences between a cat and dog? Well, their noses are different, and we see them doing that all the time.

What is the difference between a duck and a horse? The duck had a much bigger head than the horse, which just makes a much more interesting

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Are these people actually human beings? No! They are just animals. The same applies to a horse, a duck, a penguin and a spider – they all have some similarities but none of the things that distinguish humans from other animals.

Do snakes have hearts? No! It is simply the blood coursing through their bodies. They have no ability to feel any emotion apart from pleasure.

How do I pronounce “hippopotamus”? Do you know how to say the word hippo?! Well, hippo means “big” in Sanskrit and is pronounced as “HOOP-oh peh” which would be exactly the same as in the English word “hippogriff”!

Do elephants have backbones? If you ask anyone who has studied elephant anatomy, they will answer a yes.

Do elephants have heads? Yes, most definitely. Many people think the elephants have no heads – but in fact, they have no body, only an enormous trunk which is the trunk. The trunk can support three or four elephants or they can do other things on earth.

Do elephants have tongues? No. Elephants do not have any vocal cords in their lips or throat. The best way for elephants to communicate is through touch (with the hands). They have the ability to produce sounds through a very short and gentle vibrating of their trunk called suction.

Can you spot the difference between an elephant and a monkey? The difference is in the jaw of the elephant. The monkey, like the elephant, has a large mandible which aids in opening its mouth. It can grow up to 4 feet long and can weigh up to 5 tons (but since it’s no longer wild) is considered a pet. A true elephant has a gigantic trunk and can be up to 20 feet long (the biggest elephants were found in the zoo in London in the 1980’s when they became a popular attraction). While an ape’s trunk is much smaller and is used primarily for locomotion, a monkey’s is a powerful organ that allows it to communicate and interact with other primates (including humans) by

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