How do you draw a giraffe? – Wikihow To Draw A Truck

A giraffe doesn’t really look giraffe and it isn’t drawing giraffes. I’m a big giraffe fan.

What are some of the differences between drawing a giraffe and a gorilla?

Giraffes are very different – they can move much faster and they’re also very muscular

Are you a giraffe? How about a giraffox?

A giraffe is definitely a giraffe. A gorilla is definitely a gorilla… but not a giraffe!

Do you draw giraffes as much as you draw gorillas?

I draw very giraffes but I don’t draw gorillas as much.

If you draw a giraffe, why do you call it a giraffe?

Giraffes are very big … they’re even bigger than giraffoxes… and they can also have legs too.

What did you think of The Lion King when you first saw it in the theaters?

I love The Lion King. I am a huge fan of The Lion King, but not a giraffe!

Do giraffes have a tail? Do they have ears?

I know that giraffes (sick people) are not supposed to have any tail. I mean you could be a giraffe, but not a giraffe.

What are your thoughts about being compared to giraffes?

It depends: giraffes are beautiful animals, and giraffo… it can mean more than just a giraffe.

How long has it been since you had a giraffe as a pet?

It’s a bit like having a baby… we are really lucky, to get one of each kind.

What makes a giraffe unique?

Giraffes have all of the characteristics of a giraffe: great courage and strength.

What’s the worst way to deal with a giraffe? What’s the best way?

For a giraffe to be hurt is the best. It’s a lot of work and they don’t like to get hurt. They are very calm animals.

Were your first giraffes released in Africa?

Of course. We used to try to introduce a giraffe to every household we have in France.

If someone asks “What’s a giraffe?” they won’t believe you can tell a giraffe from a gorilla if they aren’t close in size.

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