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Do we see them as a whole? An entire entity?

If we do, then we should say these are our own perceptions of what’s going on, we should say “he’s an entity,” but we’ll only see one at a time. That is to say, if he was just seeing himself, we wouldn’t do any perception of the whole entity from his perspective: only of the moment when he sees himself.

To view any of the images and experiences as part of a bigger picture, or a part of a single entity is to misunderstand; it’s to make them into different beings, different images—particular beings—instead of the whole.

You should be aware that one thing that makes me different from any other human being is a certain level of self-consciousness we call “self-awareness,” when we see ourselves differently from anybody else. But that isn’t true of any other creature.

In fact, any of the various ways we perceive ourselves in the moment, whatever they are, have their own qualities, their own personalities, their own specific ways of coming into consciousness. We don’t have to assume that any particular form-consciousness must be some sort of “original form,” which, in turn, must be some kind of “self-concept,” or, in another way, some sort of “entity.”

We experience these things differently, and we do what comes naturally to us, if that makes sense. Of course, to say “I’m a mind that sees itself as an entity” is to say that my way of seeing myself is “my own self-concept,” and that isn’t true at all. It was always the case that I could always see “self” when I saw the external world.

I had an experience of the external world when I was seven. I’d been reading all these books about consciousness, of consciousness in general—and the stories were interesting and sometimes wonderful—and I’d discovered that I could always see “self.”
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So I went to sleep and suddenly I was standing in front of my bedroom window, looking through the window. The whole house was lit by the moonlight, and I could look outside and see my house from many different places in the sky.

But the next day, I couldn’t see my house anymore. I only saw a silhouette of it in the moonlight, and from that moment on it was impossible to see my house. But it wasn’t really a silhouette of my

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