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How about a car that’s an engine that’s a motor and that’s an engine,” he said. “How do you have a design that’s able to do that with a small amount of power? What is your solution, and what’s your approach, to get the smallest amount of power that you can? … That’s why I’m very excited about this project.”

There will be four electric race car prototypes. Each has its own engine and propulsion system, as well as a range exceeding 130 miles, according to the company’s website.
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“What we’re going to do is to have the engine do, not so much driving, but basically, to be a generator to provide a lot of energy to allow you to achieve the maximum speed that you want to in the fastest time that you need,” said Kuebler. “So you’re not just driving a car; you’re actually driving a generator that provides the power to be able to do that.”

In order to get enough power to get around obstacles, Kuebler said the company is looking into using a series of tunnels and a ramp. The first set will focus in on turning corners, but Kuebler said that other obstacles might have obstacles on both sides of the track.

“We can do this in a lot of different types of environments because unlike anything that has been done before, it really is a lot easier to figure out how to design something that is able to solve the problem in a different way,” he said.

In addition to racing electric cars, the company also wants to develop a car that can help people walk, cycle and run. If successful, this technology could help people live more connected lives, with everything from cars charging on the same charger to homes with solar panels as a power source.

To test out the system, Kuebler will travel around New York City during the winter of the 2017-18 racing season.

“One of the things that we’ll do is set up these charging stations as much as possible,” Kuebler said.

The company is working with the University of Nevada Las Vegas to see how quickly the system could charge a car’s batteries.

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