How do you draw a tank? – How To Draw Fast And Furious Cars Videos

You have to start with an idea.” It was a question he was asked at the start of each show.

I think he does that because he doesn’t see himself as an artist. He sees himself as the product of his time and this thing he is doing.

And you’ve never been a commercial artist, have you?

No. I worked at a school for visual effects. I worked with a bunch of people.

You’re doing what?

I work for The VFX Shop, which is a startup. They’re the guy that does all the work and then they hire the director. So I’ve had a couple of opportunities to do commercial work. But I’m working in a startup that does very little and is doing everything by myself.

You were in the video game industry, wasn’t you?

Yes. But not in the computer industry.

So you’re not working up there?

No, I’ve worked up there. I worked at Electronic Arts. The games they make have to be really good and they try to keep it real — they have to work in the real world. But the computer doesn’t work that way. They say: ‘We do it all with Unreal. It’s really accurate.’ It is only a small piece. But the computer can make things in real life because it can read your face on the screen. And it’s very accurate.

So the way you approach a film is you create a concept of this person that is very real and they have a real world and then you can put a computer in front of that person. And then you have to create the digital environment that makes it all come to life.

“So the computer doesn’t work that way. They say: ‘We do it all with Unreal.’ It’s really accurate.”

You use a computer for every frame.

No, I work purely in 3D. I’ve got a monitor that I hold onto and a laptop and I get up and walk around. I don’t shoot in post. I’m a realist. I can’t shoot that much. But I can’t be creative in that way. I love it. No, that’s not the right word. But I do it.

I’m in a similar situation. I’m still learning film, and I still work on my own. But I’m always shooting digitally, just for a specific scene. I would love to be able to do that

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