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What are you thinking, Mr. Driver? That’s about the limit of my imagination.

The next couple of days were spent at the lake, which was also used for some local shooting of the film. On Friday, we were able to get in some filming at the lake with some of the locals — who were also on the boat. We were able to spend some quality time shooting a little beach scene between two large fish (which you’ll see on the Blu-ray for the first time). After that, we had the chance to see the new set of houses on our little fishing village where we shot the first scenes from the movie (there were also people we met during that time who would end up helping us on the set during post-production).

A bit of scenery-making was done to build up the “truck” the kids ride on during the final showdown scene, where they drive a truck. We also decided to build up a scene near the end where the kids stop on top of some rock to look down at the river below. We built up the shot from a nearby cliff which would have made it hard to shoot down to the river. We ended up leaving it in anyway — just so we could still look off at the sky and fish without losing the action. A whole bunch of additional stuff (such as a car driving near the kids) was built up in preparation. After the kids got back to the boat, there were a bunch of local kids watching the shoot from the beach — who had heard the news that they were going to be playing the main characters in the film (“They are the kids that were riding around in the truck, which I built,” the cameraman says, as a joke). So it was good to have everyone back together on the set after that.

After shooting Friday, we packed up for a weekend of local fishing (some fun stuff: picking up a fish to catch it for the scene I had to record) and visiting families at the lake. We also had the opportunity to see the new town we’d been shooting in — which we filmed near (the second town we had filmed in — which was also our second attempt to set up a real town (the original ones were built in the 1980s) so we really got to see our characters’ world. It wasn’t until we had the set built up that we got the chance to drive a trailer back to our actual filming location… which included an extended stop to do some more local shooting at the lake

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