How do you draw an old truck? – Drawing A Car In One Point Perspective

It’s probably a combination of a bunch of things, but those things are pretty different when you’re making a full 3D model, so you end up looking like this on the computer:
Some things we haven’t worked with yet: a car, and a car from the old film Tron: Legacy  (don’t ask me why, it looked great!). So, you’re probably wondering, “So, what in the world is this?” A lot of the work on this project involves a lot of 3D model re-creations and computer rendering. One thing that has kept me going for so many years is that when the game comes out I think my project will look like that on the computer. Of course, the artist has to keep up with the technology, so things will change, but I’m really happy that there are tools that can do this so freely. There’s only one thing holding me back; that I don’t have an actual car yet. I’ve got nothing. It was the perfect opportunity for me to work on my idea for an old truck- a bit of a departure from the norm for this art style and really cool of a vehicle. I had to do this project without taking a break, because I haven’t been able to find anywhere to do 3D modeling online. The fact that the truck that I make in the video is so old makes me want to be as accurate as possible (and it’s not just the truck; I will add other cars later as well).

I made this 3D model as a tribute to the original Tron film as well as the later ‘new’ Tron trilogy. The new film is the classic ‘what the original ‘trilogy’ looked like’ in the early 2000s. A film that was just out at the time, and it really is still a cult classic. Some of the scenes are really close-to-my-mind and I don’t think I could have possibly made a better Tron homage on my own. So, here you will find Tron from a different perspective.
What do you think? Do you think a 3D model of the original Tron may turn out just like this?
Tron: Legacy , one of my favourite movies, as I mentioned it’s a cult classic and even though it’s been a bit neglected since the beginning, I have wanted to make a new version and bring it to the modern day. Well, I got the opportunity to do this project and so many of the scenes

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