How do you draw Franklin the turtle? – How To Draw Cars Step By Step Pictures How To Build

You draw a little turtle that is kind of covered in shells. I love that little turtle. And that doesn’t mean I’m going to make that a real baby turtle. But just the little turtle cover in a lot of different ways.

How many copies does it sell now?

It’s the biggest seller. It’s been that way since I’m 18. It’s such a wonderful book.

Tell us about the book’s inspiration?

My father was an old-timer and he would tell me about these animals that he wanted to bring into the world and then I would do it. He taught me a lot about animals. He had an art library and he was always drawing in the zoo. One of his favorite animals was a tortoise. He would go see the tortoise everyday and he would want me to draw him. And I would draw him for him. So I would draw to him. He’d be like, “What is this?” He would just take all that I draw and just run his fingers over it. He would find so much joy in it. So I wrote a little book that had all of his drawings and the ideas that he wanted to bring to life.

Is it a book for men?

Well, all you have to do is put the tortoise into a box and make sure it is not crushed by a falling tree. I like the tortoise. People really like these animals.

Did he have a name?

No. Well, he had this name: “Huck and the Tortoise.” He used to tell me all the stories about that guy whose name was Huck and then he wanted to be a doctor and was always making crazy discoveries. I would just do a drawing to Huck and ask, “What happened?” I would always find a little bit of joy in his discoveries.

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