How do you draw hair? – How To Draw Cars Step By Step Easy Sketches For Beginners

The process for hair drawing is the same as hair coloring!

Your pencil should be the tip of a pencil, such as a fountain pen, pencil sharpener, etc. But make sure you can create a nice solid line!

Once you have that solid line, trace it onto the hair and draw!

In practice, the most important thing is to not have a bad line on your hair, or you will make it look like your hair is a dark shade of brown, not as light as it should be!

3. Draw hair with black in the middle!

After you have solidline your hair, start filling in the black portions so that your hair color is completely black!

Start with a light shade of black, like a black brow or black in the lower lid, like in the picture below.

When you’re finished, you should have a very light and airy black look!

Here is an older photo I made!
Ford Mustang Logo Drawing at GetDrawings | Free download

I used blue color, and kept things in the blue color for the brows, the eyes, etc.

It was way more natural looking than the hair coloring example above!

4. Draw hair with white in the middle!

It’s kind of a different way of drawing hair!

Start by outlining your hair!

This makes that dark hair darker!

Now you can start filling in the white hair parts!

If you’re a beginner, it’s very important to go slowly and not draw anything too drastic!

Now you just have a light or deep white hair!

See the difference between this method and the other!

Here is how it looks like!

Your brows will probably look like they’re on a cat, but still look natural (or darker).

5. Draw hair with lighter hair in the middle!

Using a darker hair for the middle portion of the hair!

Using a lighter hair for the top portion of the hair!

Draw a light and airy hair line! In other words, draw it with the darkest hair of the hair!

Don’t make it look like you got a black colored eye!

Here is how it looks like!

6. Draw hair with darker hair color in the middle!

Draw a thicker hair line!

Use darker hair color!

Use more color in your hair! Your hair might not seem like it’s

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