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What is the shape of the car, and how do you do it? What is the “look” of the car that is represented by the back of the car? What is the body shape, and is it symmetrical as well with a shape like the front of the car?

The first thing that people seem to do is draw a straight line across the car, from the driver’s seat to the ground. Some people draw a triangle. What most people don’t really understand is that the rear is just as important to figure out as the front. A triangle is actually the only shape that makes sense to draw. (Think of the bottom of a triangle as the bottom of the vehicle – it is just like the bottom of an upright vehicle.) For this reason, you will often see a triangle drawn in the rear, for the vehicle’s back.

What are the shapes that most people think are acceptable? That’s the circle or triangle, but that’s not going to do it. Let’s look at the back of a car. The shape of the car that most people would draw would be the cylinder with the engine. The cylinder is one continuous length, though it is made up of four separate slices, and the engine is made up of four separate segments. It’s the way that they do the rear of the car.

On the ground, a human being would draw the shape of the “line” going from the car’s driver’s seat all the way to the ground.

Here is a picture of a car made up of eight segments (four cylinder segments and two engine segments):

That’s how most people would draw the front of a car with two wheels and two exhausts. The shape of the car would be the cylinder that goes straight across the top of the rear wheels.

You will see people take different styles of photographs of car back, and you will see different types of drawing methods. Sometimes a front-view photograph is used, often the rear, when shooting a street photography or aerial photography.

Here is a drawing of the rear, and another one with all of the cylinders put together at one point:

These pictures illustrate how a piece of paper could be drawn to indicate the different components of the front, and back of the car, and how one could look at them to help determine the proportions of the vehicle:

You could make any kind of drawing that would help make that determination. The best would probably be an aerial photograph with the car facing

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