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An artist working in their own world. The best artists are very introverted as you should see in the movies. They may even call it their ‘office’ or ‘life’ but they don’t necessarily want your attention. They usually work alone and don’t need much attention. They would like you to admire their work but do not expect you to write a word of their review.

Why the art of writing should be taught

When writing is done right, that is when the art comes into everything. That is the time of writing when the artist is in full control and not distracted by the writing. When you write a book, you have to find everything that has a story and it has to have a hook.

When you look at a painting, you could say ‘well they don’t look interesting’ but if you are writing, it might be a completely different story. There is an element of truth in each illustration. It is the beauty that takes us from the everyday to the mystical.

You cannot take a picture and expect it to be the whole story. There is only one picture. You have to find a piece of that story (for instance how someone got there or how that person got to the place).

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When you are working with an unknown artist, you want to make the picture ‘your little slice of life’. A writer must love what they are writing. That would be the first thing to take into account when the work is finished. But when it is done properly, you would be shocked about what you have written.

When you draw, you are trying to paint a story and that is why you have a pencil. However, there could be an unknown artist behind the pencil. It could make any picture look different as the artist would have to make the art look the same as what the artist intended. We are told ‘if you were a painter you would have a style.’ It is only when the artist is at the level where they are allowed to try different things, that we can say there is a real artistic genius.

When you are drawn, like any other art drawing, you have to focus on your lines, shapes, angles etc. It doesn’t matter where they go.

What is an artist’s problem

We can all agree that there is nothing better than an artist when painting. A great artist will not only paint your favourite things, they will make them look amazing. They will create something that will remind you of yourself and

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