Did Tesla get free energy? – How To Make Free Energy Generator 220V From Washing Machine Motor

This is the biggest question of the whole article:

“There is the fact that there are many, many electric cars, which are currently being sold. If there were a Tesla (or, in other cases, a small number of them, like the Nissan Leaf) in existence, it should have the highest efficiency.”

And it’s true that, historically, the battery capacity is usually significantly lower than with electric cars. This was the case with traditional cars, not with electric cars but because of the enormous costs associated with making electric motors small and light and the many, many years these cars took to complete (and these were much lighter to begin with than their gas versions), which resulted in the high price of Tesla.

With electric motors that are small, light, and light enough, it’s not a big deal. The cost would be minimal because of the mass of the motor, and if the price keeps going down even after a few years’ increase, then the cost of battery is lower. As I have stated before on this blog here and in others, EVs are the way to go!

One would need the same power input (i.e., wattage) as an average gasoline car, with the same miles to go on it. How much power would you need? Tesla seems to assume a typical household electric (50kW) would need the same power as a typical gasoline car (1000W). That would mean 250 miles of range for one car at 50kw. That just goes to show, Tesla’s calculation is pretty much the opposite of reality; most of the cars that get plugged in don’t, in fact, do it for 50kw, but for around 1500 kw.

Also: they are not very efficient, and their high cost causes them to be only used by the very wealthy, who can make substantial savings with them.

The Secret of Nikola Tesla - Bullet Version - YouTube
That being the case, is it necessary for Tesla to claim Tesla energy? How do the same car perform (and cost) with a more efficient battery on top? Why should I buy an electric car instead of trying to run on my coal? Why should I sacrifice battery life when I get an electric car instead of a plug in car? How much difference would it make for an individual (or a family with a couple of cars) to run the electric car on battery as opposed to gas? And that may be the biggest question here!

Also, how does Tesla fit in to the electricity grid? The reason it is

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