Do magnets lose energy? – Free Energy Biology

They can be damaged or lost when it’s not in good condition. A magnet that hasn’t been properly positioned can lead to damage.

It’s better to use a small magnet that’s smaller than your wrist than a larger one that would be too high to wear around your neck.

How much do magnets weigh?

According to NASA, a magnet will weigh around 0.03oz (20g) when fully loaded.

However, they said that depending on their size and weight, a typical 1lb (0.5kg) magnet could weigh over 250lb or more – although that might be an assumption on your part.

A smaller, thinner version and a high quality one could weigh just a few lbs (50+kg).

Do they change colour while using?

No, they haven’t changed colour or shape so far – although they can also be dull and not as beautiful as a real one may seem.

Where can I see magnets?

The National Museum in Washington DC is your first stop with its extensive collection of magnets. It also hosts an exhibition of magnets available online.

It can be easily found on Google maps or your nearest Travelodge or McDonalds.

Do I need to buy or learn anything after learning that they’re magnets?

Most of the time, as with any other type of magnet, they’re easy to learn. They’re simple shapes, they’re a bit heavy but you won’t get bored of them after a while. The only time they’ll get boring is if you get very bored.

What happens if I need a more powerful magnet?

You can use a strong magnet of course but the easiest thing to do isn’t to make them and put them somewhere where they’ll be easy to find.

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