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The answer is simple. First, we can make money as long as we get people working for us. This is important since we will need workers to drive the next phase of the industry. You might call this part ‘creating prosperity’ if you really want to put your money where your mouth is. Secondly, when we create prosperity, everyone has a stake in what makes the next phase of business run smooth and prosperous. So, in addition to creating jobs and helping the economy grow, we need to also provide for the basic needs of the common man and girl. From there, prosperity follows.

How about a business-friendly tax system?

We need to focus heavily on a tax system that does not favor business or large corporations, and is open to everyone. This will encourage entrepreneurship and a better market structure, while also reducing the amount of corporate profit that currently exists to make huge profits. Once the economy adjusts, we will no longer see the giant profits of the past. This will make the companies and the rich feel great. This does not mean that the rich will suddenly get richer all at once, because they still have to pay taxes. But they will feel it sooner rather than later.

This will also stimulate the economic growth of the country again. If the economy thrives and a huge profit is made on the back of corporate profit, companies will begin to make more profits as a percentage of what they make. This will encourage an increasing number of people to take risks in business and become more innovative and creative. A lot of the creative work that is done at current times is usually done by people that are not wealthy. It encourages entrepreneurship and creativity and we want to see a return of that in the future.

How can I get my hands on this new knowledge?

We want to see our children and grandchildren not only having better lives, but having a better job. That is why we need a strong economy to create prosperity. The future of our country will not be a simple matter of being just as rich as other countries, it will be based on an economy that supports everyone, even the poor and the middle class. This type of economy works because the wealth produced is reinvested into helping the community and the country grow. A system that has a system like this in it would create a system of prosperity that everyone can live.
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The last part of our plan

It is not just a dream, but a clear vision. Our generation is going to decide where our country

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