Is free energy possible with magnets? – Net Free Energy Change Of A Reaction

Yes. In addition to providing a strong magnetic field, magnets make a highly conductive surface, which attracts a small amount of electrical current. This is used to make the microchips operate with higher precision. In fact, it makes it possible to control the speed and direction of rotation or the direction and speed of rotation of the spinning motor.

The magnetic flux present in the materials used can also be used to control the conductivity of the materials.

Inevitably, the magnetic flux in the material is affected by how the material is manufactured. Materials will be different in the amount and type of metals and in the presence of different elements. However, even in the presence of the metals, these elements can affect both magnetic and electrical fields: all these factors will affect the resulting field in the microchip.

However, the most obvious effect is that of magnetic flux distortion in the material. A magnet is a magnet, even though it might be magnetized by others. The same applies to the physical materials that make up the parts of the microchip. Magnetic fields distort or ‘flip’ the magnetic material in its magnetic orientation.

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