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Well it means that you can store energy and use it at any time.

The energy has to be stored so that it is not wasted as air is.

In general you use air only when you need to, for example, for example when you don’t need to breathe out or for a few seconds to change the air and for a few seconds to go home. You don’t need to breath out or for your body to come into a state of rest.

A few seconds for a few seconds is good to go, but when it can be used to a maximum duration and without any waste you are making a little bit of money.

Well it is very easy to learn.

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You just have to imagine the energy of the air you are using and you know if the air will be used for something or not (a small period of time).

So let’s find an example…

You will use one bottle of water every day for example to drink. The amount of air that you use is very insignificant and only about one litre (one liter in the UK) of air will be needed to make one bottle of water.

Now imagine that one bottle of water has about 10 grams of air (the gas of air itself) in it. This is the price of one bottle of water. (10 g.) You can buy this bottle of water for about 100$. So it cost you 200$. (20%)

So you only need 50% of the amount of air that is stored in one bottle of water to make a bottle of water. This is a little bit better than using one bottle to drink. What if you need it for one hour? You only need 50% of the air that it will cost you, so the amount you need to buy is 150% of the amount of air you bought.

And for a while, in the future, you will buy a lot of bottles of the water you are using. But for the moment it is all about a little bit of efficiency.

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