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The question is hard, because the test was carried out in the early 1900’s, and Tesla was only a 19 year old student in 1912. The test was based on a mathematical formula known as the “Morse number.” Morse number is one way of explaining how a particular number is distributed in a population, from one person to the next.

Tesla was also a poor student. This may account for the fact that he became very interested in the electrical engineering, and eventually joined what was considered to be the highest level in the electrical engineering field. It was not a position in the physics department, but rather an active career of research in the research field of electrical engineering, often in small groups or in groups in which the participants are not necessarily experts in that field. This is part of what you see in this transcript:

[18:15:55] He would also go to work in another field, but would put this work into the other field. He would put this work into the field of the electric motor. He would put this work into the field of the electrical generating machine. He would put that into the field of electrical power. He would put that into the field of the electric car. He would put that into the field of the electric motor and then put that into the wireless telegraph and into the telegraph system. He would put that into the field of the electric generator. He would put that into the field of the electrodynamic machine and that would put this into the field of the electromagnet.

He also went on to start his own laboratory in San Jose, California, in 1906, after he graduated. The company, Tesla Electric Laboratories, was formed in 1909 and it was originally focused on the application of alternating current power. Tesla was a big proponent of the concept that AC might be preferable for generating electrical power, but this would need to be developed into an electricity manufacturing system which could be easily distributed across the world.

So for many years, electric vehicles seemed to be pretty much a pipe dream for Tesla.
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The first Tesla Model 100 was introduced in 1908, a low-cost vehicle for the first time. The Model 100 was similar to the first motorized car, the Tesla Model C. Unlike the Model 50, which was a much larger car with many more electronics and was still relatively small, the Model 100 car had one engine, no chassis and no transmission. It was basically a low cost electric vehicle with an engine that could propel a single person on a trip

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