Who created free energy? – Free Energy Generator Price In India

A free energy company. They just go by the ‘free energy’ tag, and their claim is that they don’t need the government license to do so.

When you buy your energy from a free energy company, do you know that you are buying an energy company that has no intention of putting your energy to productive use? When you buy a home where there are few options to reduce your energy use, does it hurt to know you are buying a company dedicated to not doing that? What if the homeowner decides to sell or relocate? Do you buy the house and put the energy back into the grid, or do you have it go to the energy company that helped bring it here that will not do any better? What if the home owner decides to sell off the house, but the house is worth more than the energy? Does the energy still go to the energy company? Is the home’s value based on how much it is worth to the company?

If the homes are worth as much to the company as the energy and the houses are now owned by the company, they will make very little on the investment. This kind of free energy could end up being a dead end for the homes that are built and paid for, and it will make it harder to achieve more than the lowest energy use in the home. It is not good for the environment either as energy companies can use the energy and land in ways that are not sustainable. They can put out lots of smokestacks and pollute air all over the country. They can use large amounts of energy for unproductive things such as furnaces and air conditioners. Most energy companies cannot and will never create energy efficiencies because energy savings are often more important to the companies than doing the necessary work to turn those savings into tangible improvements in energy use and greenhouse gases.

The companies that are doing so many crazy things do not understand how energy production and use can have a huge positive effect not only on the environment but also on the consumer price of a good or service.

I will write more about free energy companies in another post.

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