Why is free energy Impossible? – Advantages Of Free Energy Generator

Energy, as described by quantum mechanics, as depicted in this film, is neither static nor infinite.

Because it is infinite, it can be destroyed.

So the first step in changing the universe, i.e. the energy we generate is destroyed.

If that is true, then the Universe would be a waste of time – a “big lie” to the real science.

But there seems to be another issue.

Is it not possible to make energy more efficient?

In the movie, it is claimed that a “universal quantum computer” will be able to make the creation of energy a thing of the past. But in the real world, this is not going to happen.

For starters, quantum science cannot be considered a science. It is an ideology, not a reality.

The way physicists talk to each other, the language they use and the concepts they use are often very different from what they do in the real world. It is possible that physicists in the future will have completely different ideas about the quantum reality they are supposed to have.

So, in addition to quantum science being an ideology, the fundamental physics is also based on an ideology. The basic fact is the same – you cannot create something of the past, you cannot create something of the present. The first step to change any reality is change itself.

Let us look at some facts in another direction.

Is The Universe Infinite?

What we are seeing in our Universe is an infinite number of universes.

They all are connected via the wormhole network, the so called “cosmic web”.

But because the Universe is infinite (all at any one time), the Universe will always look like the same as the last time it was experienced.

Therefore, there is also no place or time, because even the beginning of the Universe has not been experienced.

The Universe as we observe it is an infinite series of universes.

And all of these universes are connected by the wormhole network.

But why are there so many of them?

Because the universe is not limited by what we see on everyday life.

How many of us have even seen the “Big Bang”?

According to some people the “Big Bang” is the origin of all other universes.

In other words, it is the moment that all other universes are created.

You can’t create something at a moment of time

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