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I doubt it.

There were also some amusing little things the writer had in common with the audience:

He did not believe in Santa Claus.

He was a vegetarian.

He believed he had seen a man in the sky.

He believed he had slept in a mummy.

He was a socialist and did not believe in capitalism.

He lived on mushrooms.

He had had an affair with a woman from a cult.

He had a dream of flying above the clouds.

He believed that you could turn back time.

He was a man of faith from his youth and did not believe the Bible.

The author was not happy about this because he had spent the first day of his new job trying to come to grips with his new surroundings and was having trouble with the fact that he was not very good at his job. That morning’s experience with the author was all too similar.

His name was Brian, but in actual fact, I could probably name more than a dozen other characters names, which are based on names I know.

Brian was the main character and writer of the first book in the series, The Long Death. He made up the supporting cast and helped write the first three books. As a character, his name is a pun on the word “billy.” The title Long Death comes from the fact that after all the deaths and violence that had taken place in the books, the human race had been able to live as long as they did because of the protection of magic. Brian was a character who liked to talk about things that were going on in life but couldn’t explain it in any further detail. Brian became a member of the Fellowship of the Ring:

“I suppose I should have learned long ago that what one person did, another person could do just as well. I am a member of the Long-life Fellowship, and I intend to enjoy it without complaining. I am a very small, frail creature, and I am sure that no man ever would have been able to help me if I had not been the only man with a small, frail body in the world. And yet.”

The Fellowship of the Ring is not the only group where the names of people are based on names that are in a popular fairy tale. Here is a list of other places where the names of characters or places come from famous folklore.

The Grimms’ Grimm Brothers’ Aesop’s Fables

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