How rich is Jeff Dunham? – Ventriloquist Near Me

As the head of a hedge fund company whose clients include Disney, Google, eBay, Bank of America and Verizon, it’s little surprise that Dunham has the personal wealth he does.

“If you’re worth more than $3 billion, you can afford a private jet,” says Richard Toden, a professor of economics at Columbia Business School and author of The Big Short.

The “wealthiest,” Toden says, are those whose business-savvy management and good judgment make them more likely to be able to invest their money wisely.

But Dunham’s business history is anything but straightforward: He started as a young man working as a financial analyst for Goldman Sachs and later managed a private-equity firm. He later went public in 1998, turning his fortune into a net worth of $1.2 billion.

Dunham’s most recent foray into the limelight came in October when he was named one of TIME magazine’s People of the Year.

Dunham, 67, lives in Beverly Hills, where he owns a $5 million home. His wife, Carol, and two of his children live in the Los Angeles area.

For decades, Dunham has maintained a quiet, reserved air on Wall Street, rarely appearing at fund company luncheons — even though those gatherings frequently feature a parade of industry heavyweights such as Apple chief executive Tim Cook or Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos.

Despite his Wall Street résumé, he has rarely taken sides in the political debate — until now.

On Oct. 6, the day after the Nov. 6 election, Dunham posted a five-minute video on his personal Facebook page urging investors to support President-elect Donald Trump and urging them to do so as a way of showing how they support him politically, not his personal or political views.

Dunham says he doesn’t have a political agenda behind his anti-Trump sentiment.

“I don’t see the point in attacking a president-elect who has a lot of problems,” Dunham told Time.

Dunham believes Trump’s political platform aligns perfectly with many of his interests.

“He doesn’t just have an economic agenda,” he says, “he also appears to have a social agenda. I think he’s the kindest person who has ever run for office.”

In March of this year, Dunham launched an online campaign called “Proud to be an American” in an attempt to get Trump to attend his annual fundraising event

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