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I’m not good at it, no. But if I was, I certainly could learn it!”

He got up from his chair and sat down again, with his hands over his ears.

“But—but, Harry—this is stupid—this is stupid!”

He took up my hand and shook it, but it seemed as though he could not think of making me angry—that would take far too long and wouldn’t do any good, if it didn’t do good.

“Why are you upset, Harry?”

“It’s ridiculous. People say I’m a very foolish man. They say that they don’t like to speak in my own voice. And they’re right. I don’t speak in my own voice. But it has been good to hear you talk, Harry.”

I looked at him for a moment long in thought. The way he was thinking seemed to convey a sense of relief to me.

“Do you suppose it is good for me, Harry, that I am not speaking in my own voice?”

“Why, what are you thinking about, anyway? I feel perfectly happy.”

“Well, you know! All these years! And yet here I sit and look over my shoulder, and I am not happy. I’m always being asked to speak in my own—your voice! What if one day you could not be at home and I had to speak in your voice instead?”

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“Goodness! But you wouldn’t be able to speak in it; I would be able to speak in it! You could not speak in it! You could not speak in it!”

“Well, Harry! But if you’d been very ill the last time you’d been away, and if I’d had to speak to you in your—you know, your own—voice, I should have been very unhappy. I know you like to talk to me in your own voice,” he went on excitedly.

I turned pale but was too afraid to say anything; for what was done would be to upset him. I saw that I shouldn’t say anything until I saw he was quite unphased about my thinking about his having heard me speak in his own. He seemed still to be surprised by my expression of surprise, and he began to pace in a circle, as if he didn’t quite know where he was.

“That doesn’t sound quite so strange,” I whispered; “because then I

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