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That’s the question posed by Yahoo News’ Mike Isaac over at the MailOnline, and it’s an important question to ask, given the current situation of the singer, who has lost her top spot in the Billboard Hot 100. She was previously pegged as the first to be usurped by Katy Perry, who was dropped at #6 on the Billboard Top 200 earlier this year. As long as Ariana remains a top 10 performer and she doesn’t drop even a second, she should stay put and continue her ascension to the top. The question is, however, whether that could be happening if she continued to perform at the same level she has been over the last few years. While she is currently experiencing good numbers at the moment, she’s not going to repeat her success; it just so happens that she’s been one of the top acts on the Billboard charts for the past couple of years.

“If Ariana Grande is a top 10 act in the chart going forward, she could easily lose that spot if Katy Perry and Sam Smith were the top acts in a little over a month — that would give Billboard a whole new look and a new dynamic,” Isaac noted.

In the meantime, the singer, who has taken her career to the next level over the past several years, has been keeping everyone busy with more of the usual musical endeavors, including her latest performance (with Justin Bieber) of “Break Free” at this year’s Super Bowl halftime show.

As for Bennett, he’s a fan favorite on the radio and at the same time, his name has become synonymous with pop music.

As for why he would be dating Ariana Grande, Bennett’s spokesperson told Buzzfeed that Bennett would most certainly be open with anyone that would be open to dating a pop star and if a man wanted to sleep with him, that he’d be the man to marry them, too. In fact, Bennett explained that he’d already slept with Ariana Grande once, the two even hanging out at the Super Bowl together.

In response to Yahoo News’ claim of a “surprising” relationship, Bennett said:

I’m an open, candid person, I’m not afraid to admit where I’m at. People say different things about me and how I relate to life; it’s all about my career, my fans and the people that matter to me, so that’s how I see myself. And being honest is what sets me apart from everybody else and has made me so successful.

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