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Or a vaudeville comedian on any given day?

It doesn’t seem possible because, as one might expect, the two professions are different. For instance, the vaudeville performer is known to go from a quiet table to a loud one in a split second, from a tiny stool in front of a roaring audience to a huge one in a blink.
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He walks around his stage doing what a vaudeville comedian does: laughing, holding his audience up, and sometimes making a little wisecrack. The vaudeville performer usually does this in an act of defiance and as a way to get a laugh. He’s more like a comedy troupe’s director than a clown’s puppet. He’s a professional.

The ventriloquist, who has to be in constant motion, has no way to stand still. He has to have the audience, the whole stadium, with him, which is even more difficult. Not only the audience, but the whole stadium has to be aware, too. When the ventriloquist gets his act all together, it’s a spectacle. He makes the audience laugh and laugh, with more or less equal intensity.

Now, ventriloquists are in many ways the last frontier for theater and entertainment. They aren’t so much clowns as they are jugglers, clowns with the power to move their audiences by making the audience laugh. And, most important, ventriloquists don’t have to rely on a professional or even an audience to create the entertainment.

Ventriloquists are like little dancers with a giant stage. This makes their performances so powerful: to the point where you can’t ignore them. If a ventriloquist’s act was funny and captivating enough to catch audience attention, there’s a good chance he’d get the job.

But for ventriloquists, the stage can’t last for the whole evening, because they’re not just one person. There’s an entire audience watching, and they must be aware of which parts of their act are coming soon, and which aren’t, or they won’t laugh. And what’s more, the ventriloquist often has the audience’s attention for a limited amount of time. The ventriloquist takes up a lot of time and must juggle a lot of things, and the time must be spent.

This is a hard thing to do. You have to be in constant communication

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