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The doll itself is a simple toy. This was the design that was chosen for the prototype. The doll is not a person. This was because there are no hands, nor a set of lungs, or organs, but merely a head made of metal, placed into a transparent casing. Since the face lacks any emotion, it is not to be confused with human emotion. This is why the doll can pass for an ordinary doll that can be left anywhere.

As a side effect of the experiment, the doll is also said to be able to turn invisible, though by this I don’t mean to imply that all dolls can turn invisible.

“Ah…” What are you saying so abruptly!

“What are you trying so hard to say? Let me ask this…”

While I’m not talking to an ordinary doll, I am the doll Master Dementia.

I used the same method as before… to make a dummy that’s about the same size as you, and to leave it to run and escape by any means necessary. But why am I being such a hypocrite?

The doll ran away when the experiment took place.

So why am I holding back now? Isn’t that the normal thing?

“But, it’s impossible! Why would a doll running from an enemy be a dangerous thing? Besides, the test isn’t that dangerous… it was only possible because one was left behind.”

I said that, with a serious expression on my face, while looking at the blank wall. The doll just stared at me and took another step. As I thought that there was more to it, I noticed that the doll’s wings were flapping. They were shaking.

“It should be impossible to leave it like this! It’s an experiment! I should’ve tried running after giving it the name ‘W-Master Dementia’ that the experiments usually use when they are about to be tested! There is no guarantee that I could successfully run after learning a name so dangerous!”

“If you run, it’ll just run right back!”

“Is that so…”

When she finished speaking, the doll flew away.

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I immediately jumped down after it. If it ran, it’d fall down, so it should be a mistake.

“Why did I do this…?!”

“Well, I was trying to show you the consequences of such an incident. It’s best to not make mistakes during such

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