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What are your thoughts on him as a character?

It’s very interesting, because I really was a fan of the show when I was younger. But I really hated watching episodes, even when I was with my parents. I’m sure it was something they were aware of, but with that being said, I was never, “I’m gonna go watch Season 3 right now.” I was never like “I’m gonna binge episode 100,” or “I’m gonna binge episode 1,000,000 because it doesn’t take long to watch.” I was more into just making a joke every now and then. And it’s interesting because, you know, he’s played by so many different people that I’m sure he’s had countless different actors. But I do tend to prefer actors who I feel comfortable with a certain kind and with, like, their own voice and character. Because I love puppeteering and I love writing, and I remember my dad once saying, “You know, we really try to have the characters stay as close to you as possible, and then we keep them within what you would call an archetypal realm or a fantasy realm.” So I was like, “Well, I don’t know about that.” So you’re not necessarily like, “Oh he really is my character or that I’m their father or that they’re in a certain town or whatever.” I didn’t feel like that for the character. I just wanted to be, like, a sort of weirdo. I would try to do these wild, crazy things to him, and he would really respond, and he liked that.

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I was fascinated by these moments I found, when the actors would go, “I don’t know what I would like to do,” or they wouldn’t really know what to do, and he would be like, “Okay, we’ll just do what you like to do,” which was pretty fantastic. I think that was a really good way to be able to let him do what he wanted to do. I think there is something sort of freeing with people who are like this. There needs to be a part of you that is just like, “Okay, you’re like this.” I think it’s a little funny, I think, that people get a little bit uncomfortable watching it, but he actually was very kind of a sweetheart to be around. He actually really cared about people, especially when he was on a boat and didn’t have a voice, and he would just look out

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