How can I throw more accurately? – Ventriloquist Youtube

Use a more accurate dart/ball. If you are using the new M3 Pro line, have you seen the new line of Dart/Ball Heads to replace the old, non-adjustable, M3 Pro line? Most dart/ball heads on the market are more accurate than the old “P” line, so this is just good to keep in mind.

You are the best darts at what you do, right?

As a matter of fact, you are the most consistent dart/ball user in the world, which I can’t believe I just stated. I don’t know where you learn this, but people say that when they throw darts, they always throw straight. And then, when they catch up, it is often that it is the best straight-shot. But if the darts were to have some sort of throw, and the darts were thrown straight, and then then they were thrown straight again, it is not the best straight shots, because every single one of yours will get a curve in your face. But if they all throw straight, and then are thrown out from time to time, then you have created a perfect straight shot for your throws that will always get you into the water. So you are just the best. Even if you make mistakes…

The truth of the matter is…

You are just the best! There are many things you are the best for, but most importantly, you are the best at what you do. The best at what you do will always win. But you don’t have to think or feel anything at all. You just don’t need to. If you try to do it, you will come out with terrible results, but because of the fact that you are the best, you are in control of those results. You can learn, you can be patient, or you can try to force things to turn a certain way. None of the other options will ever solve your problems, because if you have nothing to work with, what you have is what you will end up with… which you will have to accept, even if you don’t like it.

This video from Mike Ritter from, who does some amazing video analysis on his website, shows how many things that you need to think about:

You can also check out my guide on How to Know the Best Darts (Including How to Determine “Perfect” Throw and How to Get the Best Angle) which features more about how I

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