Are Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett dating? – Ventriloquist Youtube

The pair split shortly after the release of their new single This Ain’t No Place for Animals, which they were promoting at the time.

Ariana Grande says she met Matt Bennett in the ’50s

The 27-year-old Brit singer, 29, has been in love with the American singer since the duo’s 2011 collaboration, Super Trouper, when he was just 18.

Now, the two are in a legal row which is set to turn nasty, with Ariana going on legal strike over their split and Bennett threatening to take legal action if he doesn’t get a job.

Matt recently spoke to US magazine People and said he’s angry with Ariana, alleging she made him promise to be faithful to her in return for him getting a writing job.

‘I’ve been so lucky to meet these people and have had their support,’ said Matt in an exclusive interview, citing his father’s love, his ‘beautiful’ wife and the fact the pair are ‘just like a pair of twins’.

Ariana has released a statement denying Matt’s claims

‘I love her. She is the type of girl you want your daughter to grow up thinking about marrying,’ he said.

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‘I’ve always said if she were ever to meet someone who was like me and had everything I have, my heart would break for them and they would have to face the loss of a great, loving and loyal person.

‘I’d be willing to forgive and forget that I met Matt. I love everything about her, but I can’t stand her.

‘I can’t imagine not being there for my daughter when they need me and I’m on my way to LA. That’s why I have turned my back on Ariana.’

Matt said his feelings for Ariana began when he met her mother, Sharon, when she worked as a dancer in Las Vegas.

Sharon Bennett with the couple’s twins and granddaughter

And in 2012, he said: ‘My heart broke as soon as I met her and I wanted to cry for days.

‘I knew instantly that she was very special and I knew that I wanted to be by her side and love her when I needed her and share everything with her as she shared every thing. She is the most wonderful woman I’ve ever met and the most devoted to others.

‘You can always count on you to come through. You don’t have to be perfect’.

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